Uday Parida

      Uday Parida

      Product Manager, Wireless Division

      Uday Parida is responsible for EXFO's QA-800 solutions which are designed to validate small cells, including Home eNodeBs (HeNB) and HeNB-Gateways (HeNB-GW). He brings to EXFO more than six years of experience in product management, during which time he was responsible for simulators that test different entities in the 3G and LTE network. Prior to this, he developed Linux Kernel modules and network-processor-based solutions as a software engineer for NetHawk Oyj. His professional experience has helped him develop a strong understanding of the challenges facing the development of high-performance solutions. Uday obtained a Master's Degree in Computer Applications from Utkal University, India.

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      The Rise of 5G: Great Opportunities, Tremendous Challenges

      By: Uday Parida | Category: Mobile Backhaul, 5G/IoT | Posted date: 2016-11-24 | Views: 3452

      5G has been a hot topic for quite some time now in the telecom industry. Due to a wide range of applications that go beyond “simple” voice, 5G is becoming critical for addressing operators’ skyrocketing needs for ultra-high reliability, high security, low-latency, and flawless broadband and mobility quality.

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      Voice over X: Prominent Voice Technologies Associated with LTE

      By: Nisar Sanadi, Uday Parida | Category: 4G/LTE | Posted date: 2016-08-30 | Views: 2388

      Several avenues are available to operators who want to provide voice services on their LTE networks. To better understand the trade-offs that LTE operators face when providing high-quality and reliable voice services, each voice technology should be demystified. What are the different voice technologies that can be deployed on LTE networks? What advantages and challenges are involved in their implementation? This blog post breaks it down for you.

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      Voice Is Back: Key Challenges Standing in the Way of LTE Operators

      By: Uday Parida | Category: 4G/LTE | Posted date: 2016-03-31 | Views: 2575

      There are clear motivations to adopt, deploy, and maintain each of these voice technologies. The biggest challenge, however, is enabling several of them to coexist in the network. Thus, the challenges of each individual voice technology are compounded, resulting in an even bigger challenge: The challenge of Voice over X.

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      The Bad Karma of Customer Churn and Why It’s Crucial to Avoid It

      By: Uday Parida | Category: QoS/QoE | Posted date: 2014-08-25 | Views: 4795

      Customer churn hurts. Losing customers is bad enough, but the negative word-of-mouth that often ensues adds insult to injury by damaging opportunities with prospective customers. In today’s customer-centric telecommunications market—characterized by high demand for new services and fierce competition—a damaged reputation is baggage that mobile network operators can’t afford.

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      Rise of the Small Cells

      By: Uday Parida | Category: 4G/LTE | Posted date: 2014-07-30 | Views: 2711

      The wireless world is undergoing a major mutation. Driven by the increasing numbers of connected devices, mobile traffic data is growing exponentially and will reach epic levels within the next five years.


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      Developing 5G: Rough waters ahead!

      By: Uday Parida | Category: Wireless End-to-End: IMS/LTE Networks (VoLTE, VoIP, Femtocells, Big Data)

      5G continues to generate buzz and grab the attention of many. It will be the platform enabling growth in many industries, ranging from the IT sector to the automotive, entertainment, agriculture and manufacturing industries. Different sectors have different use cases and network requirements. Some require superfast downloads while others require ultra-reliable communication. 5G networks will have to cater to an extremely wide variation in requirements. 

      Beyond VoLTE: Voice over X

      By: Nisar Sanadi, Uday Parida | Category: Wireless End-to-End: IMS/LTE Networks (VoLTE, VoIP, Femtocells, Big Data)

      Voice is back, and this time crossing all boundaries. Today, voice service is required over LTE (VoLTE), over the legacy 2G/3G networks and even over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi or Wi-Fi calling). Since voice service now covers all types of access and core networks, we’ve entered the era of ‘Voice over X’.

      Join this webinar to explore the evolution of voice services, the challenges that the industry faces with the swift deployment of voice services across all networks and users’ expectations in terms of seamless continuity. 

      Wi-Fi: Leveraging Unlicensed Spectrum to Offload Cellular Networks

      By: Uday Parida | Category: Wireless End-to-End: IMS/LTE Networks (VoLTE, VoIP, Femtocells, Big Data)

      The low cost and the use of unlicensed spectrum has made carrier-grade Wi-Fi of strategic importance to many mobile network operators (MNOs).

      MNOs view it as a means to expand service coverage with very low CAPEX and OPEX. In this context, it is imperative to understand the various challenges of this integration and of ensuring optimal performance to deliver seamless mobility and enhanced quality of experience to subscribers.

      Small Cells: The Best Ally Against Density (Hosted by Mobile Europe)

      By: Uday Parida | Category: Wireless End-to-End: IMS/LTE Networks (VoLTE, VoIP, Femtocells, Big Data)

      Network operators and equipment manufacturers are concerned with the explosive increase in mobile broadband traffic. For both operators who are planning to roll out LTE services and manufacturers who are building new equipment, the challenge lies in being able to effectively handle the traffic.

      Small-cell technology appears to be the best solution for minimising strain on networks. Since there are a number of small-cell deployment options available, choosing the best one will depend on various factors.