The future of mobile connectivity
Enormous volumes of voice, data, video and mobile traffic is now being received on more devices than ever.

Cable TV Operators: Manage Service Quality from a Customer’s Perspective

Cable and multiservice operators have long since moved beyond providing only basic video broadcasts and now support the multiple networked services demanded by today’s tech-savvy consumers.

Today’s CATV providers and MSOs must support an enormous volume of voice, data, video and mobile traffic that is being received on a wider variety of devices than ever before. Video remains the most sensitive service to support, as customers immediately notice even the slightest latency, jitter or lag issues.

As consumers move beyond static devices like televisions and computers, to mobile connectivity via laptops, tablets and smart phones, the challenge of providing the quality of service (QoS) and (more importantly) quality of experience (QoE) they expect is increasing dramatically. Providers must not only be able to monitor their video traffic to assure QoS and QoE, but also integrate these monitoring solutions with the systems that support their voice, data and mobile networks.

Monitor and Assess End-to-End QoE for Millions of Individual Subscribers Simultaneously

With sophisticated products that support true multiplay, EXFO’s simple and cost-effective solutions provide complete network lifecycle testing, monitoring and assurance, from initial service rollout, to turn-up, troubleshooting and monitoring—no matter what the service. Better yet, EXFO’s powerful, customizable and Web-based reporting features make it easy to prove you are meeting your SLAs. Whether you are supporting voice, video, data or mobile services on your network, EXFO can help you reduce your OPEX, cut your CAPEX, and prove that your service is better than your competition’s.

detect and resolve

End-to-End Intelligence

  • Monitor, test, measure and troubleshoot QoS and QoE from the satellite headend to the subscriber’s device
  • Extend service monitoring to the subscriber’s set-top box to prevent costly truck rolls and create a truly end-to-end solution
  • Define, assess and monitor unique KPIs for all service types (voice, video, data, mobile)


  • Real-time monitoring of IP live video programming to ensure instant response to service-impacting issues
  • Isolate network problems and reduce your MTTR


  • Open and extensible platform easily integrates with your existing OSS/BSS and facilitates the integration of new services, subscribers and technologies
  • Monitor service quality, performance and availability 24/7 via a simple, Web-based interface