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WebRTC Test Solution

WebRTC Test Solution



  • 10 million WebRTC endpoints
  • 5 million TLS and DTLS sessions
  • 1.28 million SRTP and SRTCP streams
  • Real-time QoS metrics for all streams
  • Both voice and video QoS metrics
  • OPUS and VP8 WebRTC codecs
  • NAT/firewall emulation (ICE/STUN)
  • ICE-Lite and ICE-Full testing support
  • HTTP WebSocket setup and teardown tests
  • Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and theft-ofservice (ToS) tests
  • Media pinhole opening and closing tests
  • Policy-and-charging-function (PCRF) emulation
  • IMS/VoLTE and VoIP core network emulation
  • Mix of VoIP, VoLTE and WebRTC service tests



Access to the Internet via web browsers has become a fundamental requirement for both personal and business use. Web real-time communication (WebRTC) is a technology that enables real-time communication via browsers. More than one billion devices, including tablets, smartphones and PCs, already support WebRTC already, and that number is expected to increase to over six billion by 2019.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) can capitalize on this opportunity by extending their IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) services to Internet users, thereby enabling end-to-end communication between the IMS and web clients. The interworking between the IMS and web clients is made possible by the WebRTC gateway, which converts the signaling and media between the two technology domains.