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TravelHawk Portable Analyzer

TravelHawk Portable Analyzer

The Ideal Tool for Today’s Multitechnology Environments

In order to achieve high quality of service, mobile networks must be tested throughout their lifecycle. This means verification of network functionality and quality at the R&D and deployment phases, but also across the live network. This kind of live network troubleshooting, for example at the base station, requires an easily portable solution that enables a field engineer to quickly identify and address any network issues that may arise. Service, support and field teams need a tool such as the TravelHawk, which works in a multitechnology environment, is easy to use, and—most importantly—reduces the complexity and the time spent on testing.

Where to Use TravelHawk

TravelHawk is a perfect fit for both network equipment manufacturers and operators for testing and troubleshooting networks at all stages of their lifecycle:

  • Functional testing: testing of single elements (e.g., a base station) to ensure that they work according to specifications
  • Interoperability testing (IOT): testing a system to verify the interoperability of its multiple network elements and multivendor components
  • Troubleshooting: live network testing to locate and qualify any signaling problems reported, and correct them as quickly as possible

TravelHawk: A Compact Unit Packed with Multiple Capabilities

The TravelHawk is the only portable protocol analyzer on the market that supports 2G, 3G and 4G technologies in one unit. Its small size makes it easy to carry, even as carry-on luggage on an airplane.

TravelHawk is a briefcase-sized PC equipped with the M5 Analyzer software. It allows real-time troubleshooting of multiple interfaces from LTE, UMTS, GSM, Core and IMS networks in the lab or in the field. With automated configuration, TravelHawk is quick and easy to set up for analysis. Network traffic analysis is illustrated with clear, realtime graphics, and issues to be addressed are clearly highlighted. New functionalities are easy to install via a software update downloaded directly from the EXFO website. All you need is a valid EXFO Analyzer Care to keep your tool up-to-date.


TravelHawk features intelligent data analysis applications that enable real-time multitechnology and multi-interface call and session tracing with real-time pre-filtering capabilities, KPI generation and QoS measurements—all with the capability to drill down into the details of the decoded protocols.

Signaling Tracing and Analysis

The Call and Session Analysis application is a key troubleshooting tool that allows you to quickly see if there are any problems in the network.

  • Real-time tracing of calls and sessions over the monitored interfaces
  • Complete correlation of intersystem calls between LTE, UTRAN, GERAN, Core and IMS
  • Real-time pre-filtering of raw data with any main UE or network-related value to see only the needed calls or sessions
  • Overall status of the calls and sessions in one view; each transaction has its own line with illustrative phase icons
  • Over 500 3G/2G/LTE information elements available for the calls/sessions; any piece of information can be used to filter data in the GUI
  • One click to open full signaling details of a call, or save call/session-related data to a file

With the Protocol Monitor application, transactions can be analyzed to the last detail in real time and from multiple interfaces simultaneously.

  • Message sequences for easy analysis of message flows
  • Overall view of the network, with each event seen on its own line, along with its specific information and protocol content
  • Easy access to complete signaling details for each event
  • Correlated protocol messages between analysis views, making it easier to switch analysis to another view
  • Layer details settings based on any stack, protocol, message or information elements to define what is displayed
  • One click to open calls related to signaling
  • Support for latest industry-standard specifications and vendor-specific implementations

Unique Capability: Call Comparison

TravelHawk also boasts a unique OPEX-saving functionality that allows users to compare any call in extreme details against their own reference call. With one click from the Call and Session Analysis application or the Protocol Monitor application, users can compare detailed signaling of two calls to the information element level and see the different parameters or messages of signaling protocols—saving technicians time as they don’t have to spend hours locating the most hard-to-find mobile network signaling problems.


TravelHawk is designed with real-time telecom signaling analysis in mind. Real-time analysis can be done up to hundreds simultaneous calls and up to 10 000 calls at the time (round-buffer, oldest calls are removed). Intelligent filtering of connections and Iub user-plane data for example, allows physical-link monitoring with full line-rate throughput. TravelHawk is able to filter needed information from full physical links, e.g. the needed base stations or links with signaling data. For bigger data amounts, users can capture data with the recording capacity of up to 120 Mbit/s. Data can later be analyzed in post-processing mode. TravelHawk is not designed for packet network user-plane analysis. Please refer to TravelHawk Pro specification sheet for LTE and packet core user- and control-plane analysis.