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The Role of Service Assurance in Hybrid and NFV Networks (By Vanilla Plus)

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Length: 60 minutes


Over the past years, we have witnessed how Service Assurance practices of CSPs have started to transform from network oriented to service and eventually customer-oriented operations. One of the newest key elements in this transformation is the introduction of end-to-end analytics, including geo-location, radio network, on-device, signaling, and user data and transmission analytics.

When moving into NFV, this transformation will have to shift gears and jump to a totally new level. Analytics and other SA solutions have to be able to cope with the dynamic nature of the network and co-operate with various of new entities, such as service orchestration. Specification and standardization work is ongoing; however, there are currently a lot of open questions regarding what functions will SA components provide in hybrid and full virtual network scenarios, and how they will be provided. Another tough challenge is how to cope with ever-growing traffic volumes when gradually moving away from dedicated hardware.

In this webinar, EXFO presents its vision on how Service Assurance will evolve from a physical to a hybrid and eventually to a fully virtual network. EXFO’s vision will be complemented with real-life use cases and proofs of concept.