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WebRTC - Preparing networks for a traffic explosion

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Length: 75 minutes


Even though web real-time communications (WebRTC) create new opportunities for monetization, service providers need to be careful for what they wish for. WebRTC technology will grow traffic exponentially and put tremendous strain on any network that it is not prepared. More than one billion devices (tablets, smartphones and PCs) already support WebRTC and that number is expected to grow to four billion by 2016. To capitalize on this opportunity, service providers will have to overcome countless challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • WebRTC technology and its impact on networks
  • Architectural requirements of WebRTC implementation, including interworking WebRTC signaling and media with IMS, handling HD video and dealing with peer-to-peer and client-to-server traffic.

Who Should Attend

  • Network architects, designers and lab testers
  • Press and analysts looking to understand WebRTC technology