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Measuring the Pulse of Your Network: Assessing Packet-Based Network Synchronization

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This webinar explores the current state of synchronization Standards for the synchronization over packet implementations, as well as methods of deployment and the tools and techniques required to assure the successful implementation and ongoing support of such systems.

Measuring the pulse of Your Network: Assessing network synchronization technologies, including performance assessment of SyncE and precision time protocol (IEEE 1588v2)

The increasing demands on network operators to supply richer service offerings at more competitive rates has forced a convergence of network technologies to packet-based methods. This has caused a paradigm shift in the availability of physical-layer synchronization— moving away from the circuit-switched world to that of connectionless operation. The requirements for stable time and timing still exist for many applications and nodes within the packet-switched network, and new technologies have been devised to accommodate transport synchronization over higher layers through packet networks. Therefore, not only is testing and monitoring of synchronization performance carried out at the physical layer, now the packet-layer performance has to be tested and monitored too.