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Metro/Long-Haul OTDR — FTB-7500E


High dynamic range combined with high resolution for truly accurate fiber characterization

Technical information

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Key features

  • Dynamic range of up to 45 dB
  • Up to 256 000 sampling points
  • Event dead zone of 0.8 m and attenuation dead zone of 4 m
  • Industry-leading linearity of ±0.03 dB/dB
  • EXFO Connect-compatible: automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database


  • Metro network testing
  • Long-haul network testing

No-Compromise Versatility for Metro and Long-Haul Testing

Today’s fiber networks integrate long-haul and metro applications, making OTDR versatility a must. While long-haul architectures require high dynamic range values to reach greater distances, metro links demand an OTDR delivering good resolution (short dead zones) due to the proximity of many connection points. Up to now, OTDR users had to compromise on one or the other and buy two units—a choice that they no longer have to make.

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