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Local-Loop and DSL Testing Pocket Guide
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Copper, DSL and Broadband Services Testing


EXFO is the industry access leader in development of intelligent fault correlation and measurement test sets, which are specifically designed to eliminate guesswork. Our copper, xDSL/multiplay handheld instruments help you quickly and effectively assess the quality of your access network physical layer and the performance of the multiplay services, which are critical when deploying or maintaining advanced IP services over hybrid architectures.

xDSL and Multiplay Quality-of-Service Testing

The growing popularity of DSL has lead to widespread deployment, enabling continued use of existing copper loops to provide the mass market with cost-effective triple-play services. As networks evolve to withstand emerging bandwidth-intensive applications, service providers need to meet customer expectations for high quality and reliable video, voice and high-speed Internet services.

Copper Loop Qualification

While FTTH is on the rise in large urban deployments, DSL still remains the broadband technology most used across the world. The recent explosion of bandwidth-hungry applications such as IPTV, VoD and video streaming has pushed telcos to further exploit legacy copper-based xDSL technology in the last mile. These emerging applications enhance the need to ensure stable, error-free broadband connections.

FTTx Tools with Copper Testing Capabilities

EXFO offers various FTTx-oriented tools with advanced copper testing capabilities. Making expert-level testing available to any technician through a field-smart approach, these test sets enable fast, accurate certification of the twisted pairs.