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Network Simulation and Load Testing


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Exfo Expert Simulators

Complete Test Solutions for the Converged Network—From RAN to IMS

EXFO offers a complete range of high-performance test solutions, covering the entire converged network from RAN to IMS. By mimicking real-world customer behavior in lab environments, our solutions allow mobile operators and equipment manufacturers to verify their wireless networks before deployment.

With a capacity of tens of millions of subscribers and thousands of network elements that can be simulated, hundreds of thousands of control-plane messages per second as well as hundreds of gigabits per second of user-plane traffic at line rate can be generated.

Ideally Suited for NEMs and NSPs

EXFO’s test solutions are specifically designed for both network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and network service providers (NSPs).

Network Equipment Manufacturers:

  • Ensure protocol conformance
  • Measure product performance and find breaking points
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of their products to NSPs

Network Service Providers:

  • Validate the claims of their vendors
  • Ensure that elements from different vendors work together
  • Measure quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for subscribers in the lab before going live (cost-efficient)

Key Advantages

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface: provides unmatched flexibility to adapt to specific test environments and needs
  • Traffic profiling capability: generates real-world traffic patterns in the lab, covering both the control-plane and user-plane
  • Testing possibilities: from testing individual elements in isolation to complete end-to-end testing, spanning multiple domains, protocols and services (e.g., testing VoLTE or inter-RAT mobility across LTE, IMS and legacy networks)
  • Extensive and customizable stats: key performance indicators (KPIs) report
  • Sophisticated logging mechanisms: rapidly nails down failure root causes

Simluator Comparison

Small cell and eNodeB testing      
Wi-Fi Offload testing      
Wireless core testing      
IMS and VoIP testing      
WebRTC Testing      
VoLTE and SRVCC testing      


Simulator Solutions: Professional Services Overview

Using EXFO simulator solutions, our Professional Services team will help you maintain your test environment and identify issues in your device/system under test. We provide planning and help execute testing by creating quality scripts for advanced automation using EXFO’s simulator solutions.

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