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Synchronization Testing Unit — SyncWatch-110


A highly versatile test and monitoring system for next-generation synchronization technologies, including performance assessment of SyncE and Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588 V2).

Technical Information

Download spec sheet Poster: Network Synchronization Technologies


Key Features

  • Fully integrated solution for performance validation of IEEE 1588 V2, SyncE and traditional TDM synchronization technologies
  • Highly flexible with support for multiple built-in measurement interfaces
  • Adapted to lab and field environments with optional internal measurement references—GPS and internal rubidium
  • Addressing network synchronization for network turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting applications through three modes of operation: Stand-Alone, Managed and USB mode


  • R&D engineering and equipment benchmark
  • Network planning
  • Synchronization activation
  • Synchronization monitoring
  • Synchronization troubleshooting

Comprehensive Synchronization Testing

The SyncWatch-110 Synchronization Testing Unit is designed for accurate measurement and monitoring of a wide range of synchronization technologies, covering the complete network lifecycle. Its flexible architecture, which can be adapted to multiple deployment scenarios, makes the SyncWatch-110 a highly versatile, all-in-one solution. SyncWatch-110 is purpose-built for qualifying and monitoring next-generation networks that use Precision Time Protocol 1588v2 or SyncE technologies, as well as traditional TDM and frequency synchronization, making it the tool of choice for service providers and network solution vendors.

The SyncWatch-110 unit supports measurements in both frequency and packet domains, which includes TIE, MTIE and TDEV metrics. SyncWatch-110 can utilize external frequency references or internal GPS engines—with or without a rubidium oscillator. The SyncWatch-110 unit also supports the analysis of frequency output signal from a precision-time-protocol client module; the packet measurement engine is capable of analyzing the IEEE 1588 V2 timing packets as well as reporting on different packet metrics.

What’s more, SyncWatch-110 supports three different modes of operation (Stand-Alone, USB and Managed) for testing adapted to the service-provider’s applications, while addressing the entire network lifecycle.

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