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Multiplay Converged Service Assurance


Service Quality Matters

Your subscribers, customers and end users are all extremely sensitive to the quality of both their services and their experience—and they are quick to respond to issues with either. A service assurance system measures the quality of experience (QoE) that users of your network enjoy and the quality of service (QoS) that your network provides.

Today’s multiplay service providers need service assurance to prove they have met their service-level agreements (SLAs), to resolve network issues before they impact users and to reduce subscriber churn.

EXFO provides you with the tools you need to assure any service on any network. With support for true multiplay (voice, video, data and mobile), EXFO’s service assurance solutions can monitor, test and assure any service type at any point in your converged network—all on one simple, Web-based interface. EXFO’s award-winning Brix System provides:

  • Powerful and sophisticated monitoring solutions that measure service-specific key performance indicators in real time from end to end
  • Proactive monitoring tools that let you selectively test your network and resolve problems before they impact your subscribers
  • Scalable, standards-based solutions that reduce your CAPEX
  • Simple, Web-based management tools that let you monitor and test your network from anywhere at any time

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