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Implementing Cost-Effective Mobile Backhaul Monitoring
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Service Assurance Solutions for IP/Ethernet Services


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The world has moved to IP/Ethernet while end users have become extremely sensitive to quality of service. Service providers that do not take steps to ensure the quality of these services throughout the network lifecycle risk increased churn and increased costs.

Performance Monitoring and Real-time Service Quality Assessment

Your customers require not just quality, but proof that you are meeting your service-level agreements (SLAs). Fortunately, EXFO provides solutions that continually monitor the performance and quality of real-time IP services. At every stage of the network lifecycle, EXFO solutions make it simple to turn up, assure and troubleshoot today’s next-generation networks. With comprehensive monitoring and testing solutions, you can not only reduce your mean time to repair (MTTR) but also provide detailed proof that you have met your SLAs. With EXFO’s powerful EXFO NGN solution you can:

  • Proactively monitor and assure the IP/MPLS core of Ethernet business services, Carrier and metro Ethernet networks, and mobile backhaul networks
  • Monitor mobile backhaul networks on the same system as your mobile network
  • Easily establish and manage multiple service levels and generate visualizations that confirm SLAs
  • Scale infinitely and cost-effectively via a standards-based architecture
  • Support true multiplay service assurance (voice, video, data and mobile) from the same simple Web-based interface that seamlessly integrates with your existing operating systems

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