Two Smart Tests to Pinpoint Copper Faults
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Simplifying Copper Qualification with EXFO’s SmartR
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The Changing DSL Test Environment
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makes copper testing a whole lot easier.

SmartR™ technology delivers intelligent and automated copper fault analysis

Don’t work harder.
Work smarter.

What is SmartR?

EXFO’s SmartR™ technology brings a unique test approach that delivers intelligent and automated copper fault analysis, enhanced with graphical results and plain-language interpretation.

This feature set automatically runs a series of copper tests, analyzes the results and provides graphical, color-coded results with clear pass/fail status.

The powerful algorithms behind SmartR provide the additional capability of accurately locating potentially service-affecting faults.

SmartR makes copper troubleshooting much quicker and simpler than with traditional manual methods. In the end, it helps you roll out advanced multiplay services confidently and efficiently—and benefit from significant cost and time savings.

  • Speed up circuit fault interpretation
  • Enable technicians to perform tests beyond
    their prior skill level
  • Implement uniform, repeatable methods

The first SmartR features, Pair Detective and FaultMapper, are available on the following EXFO copper test solutions:


They are also available on these FTB Ecosystem solutions:


SmartR pair detective and fault mapper interfaces

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