Discover EXFO's Intelligent Test Systems

Imagine test tools that actually help you deliver services with speed and quality.

Imagine if you could institutionalize operational efficiencies, eliminate silos and make every component of your deployment, turn-up and monitoring part of one tightly woven fabric.

Field Test Workflow Automation Solution

TestFlow efficiently and accurately orchestrates the flow of information throughout critical testing phases during the deployment of FTTA, DAS and FTTH networks. In short, it ensures compliance to test process and design thresholds, reduces times of installation and troubleshooting, and accelerates time-to-revenue.

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Cloud-Hosted Solution

Equipped with a powerful database and application technologies, EXFO Connect provides an automated, secure environment that links together your EXFO test instruments and centralizes captured data (including third parties), assets and configurations across your organization.

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EXFO Connect

Seamless Enablement of Test Functions

The value of connectivity resides in the ability to connect your platform anywhere at any time. That’s why we have equipped our platforms with the technology to be as flexible as possible. Whether to transfer data to the cloud, to a device or to acquire a platform’s location via GPS, you have what it takes with EXFO TFv.

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