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Characterizing Complete Links with an OTDR

FTB-7000 OTDR Series


Since 40 Gbit/s networks have a lower tolerance to dispersion, devices will have to be added to compensate for it. This will increase splicing and the number of connection points, which will in turn create more insertion loss (IL) and optical return loss (ORL). Link characterization requires an extremely precise OTDR to be able to locate faulty splices and/or connection points from a single-end test.

Test Solution

The FTB-7000 Series delivers unmatched precision and speed when characterizing critical links. A single OTDR module can perform multiple-wavelength testing by combining triple-wavelength capability. Along with the industry's shortest dead zones, the FTB-7300, FTB-7400, FTB-7500 and FTB-7600  OTDRs boast a highly optimized, lightning-fast trace acquisition routine in 45 seconds.


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