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A Powerful Combo: Agile OSA and Multiservice Test Solution in One Supertech Platform

Up to 100G

Combining the FTB-88100NGE 100G multiservice module and the FTB-5240S-P OSA in EXFO’s FTB-500 portable platform provides a unique testing solution for commissioning 100G links and turning up legacy and packet-based services.

The FTB-88100NGE/5240S-P is a powerful duo for a simplified and streamlined field-testing experience.

Use the FTB-5240S-P OSA module to commission 100G links, and then activate the FTB-88100NGE Power Blazer Multiservice Test Module to address client-service turn-up testing requirements.

  • Simultaneous 100G bit-error-rate testing and Pol-Mux OSNR measurement 100G
  • Supports all possible rates up to 100G, as well as a wide range of technologies, including legacy TDM and new packet-based services
  • Features multitesting capabilities, including SONET/SDH BERT and ITU-T Y.1564 EtherSAM for Ethernet service activation
The only 100G commissioning and turn-up tool currently available in a single platform

Activate Software Licenses Only When Needed

The combo offers FTB OnDemand time-based licenses. Part of EXFO TFv, FTB OnDemand enables you to activate a specific software option over a specific period of time—giving you the flexibility you need to bring down costs.